Multivitamins reduce incidence of some cancers

centrum silver multivitaminsThere is some evidence that taking multivitamins is associated with a reduced incidence of some types of cancers in certain populations. For example, a major study of male physicians 50 years of age or older found an 8% lower incidence of cancers among those taking a relatively modest-dose daily multivitamin compared to men taking placebo – although there was no reduction in the mortality rate during the study period of approximately 11 years (Gaziano. JAMA 2012). The greatest reductions in cancer were among men with a prior diagnosis of cancer (27% fewer new cancers) and men with no family history of cancer (14% fewer cancers). There was no significant reduction in prostate cancer – the most common type of cancer in the study, however, there was a 12% reduction in all other cancers combined.

The supplement used in the study was Centrum Silver, which is similar to the Centrum Silver (and several similar store brands) reviewed below, although the formula in the study dated from 1997 and contained 400IU of vitamin D3 (now 500IU), 5.000 IU of vitamin A with 50% beta-carotene (now 2.500 IU with 40% beta-carotene), and did not include the small amounts of lutein and lycopene in the current formula. In the opinion of staff, the recent changes to the formula would seem unlikely to have negatively affected outcomes and the new formula may be beneficial.

If you plan to purchase some multivitamins, please notice that there was an update from FDA, the Folate dosage should be marked as DFE from mid-2018. And you may find that there too many supplement products were overdose if you read carefully for the supplement fact table in the bottle.

Here is some sample from the market:

Men’s 50+:

  • Natural Factors Men’s 50+ MultiStart – Dr. Michael Murray Formulated (800 meg at max serving size = 1,360 meg DFE) 50+ General:
  • Country Life Seniority Multivitamin (800 mcg = 1,360 mcg DFE)
  • Dr. Whitaker Forward Gold Daily Regimen Daily Regimen For Adults 65+ (800 mcg = 1,360 mcg DFE)

Children’s: Upper limits by age: 1-3: 300 mcg DFE; 4-8:400 mcg DFE; 9-13: 600 mcg DFE

  • USANA Usanimals™ (200 to 400 mcg = 340 to 680 mcg DFE)

Teens’: Upper limit for ages 14-18 is 800 mcg DFE

  • USANA Body Rox™ (500 meg = 850 mcg DFE)

For pregnant women, the overdose of Folate may cause some potential risks for the to-be-mom and fetus. Before you choose the best prenatal vitamins, you have to make sure it doesn’t exceed 1,000 mcg per day.